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The secret of the avocado.

The history of the fruit, from Caribbean waves to the world-wide ocean.

If someone asked you what an avocado looks like, what would you say?

Its particular shape, the dark skin and the large internal seed do not provide easy appeals to answer but going a little deeper and looking at the substance it there is a clear resemblance. It’s the one with olive oil.

In fact, it’s pretty much its solid counterpart in terms of fat content: 75% monounsaturated, 15% saturated and 10% polyunsaturated (omega 6).


As a result, it’s completely unique among fresh fruit, since it produces fats but not sugars.

This explains why it was used instead of butter in the 18th century, when sailors would spread it on their biscuits during long voyages at sea.


But in recent years the “sailor’s butter” has weighed anchor and set sail for much greater success. Popular initially for its exotic appeal, it has gone on to win renown for its properties – it contains no cholesterol – and antioxidant, cancer-beating benefits.


Today it’s also found in Italian cuisine, a versatile, easy to use ingredient with a delicate flavor which works equally as well in sweet and savory recipes.


But the avocado’s real secret lies in the Web. The internet has taken it on a journey all around the world, much further than sailors could ever do.


It’s become the blogger’s fruit of choice and is enjoying a lifetime of glory on the Web.

Food bloggers are naturally its greatest champions, letting their imaginations run wild in recipes ranging from avocado toast to a delicious chocolate variation.

Then there are the beauty blogs and magazines which rave about its skin-boosting properties.


Its online omnipresence is raised even further on Instagram, which advocates its brilliant green colour and versatility as an ingredient for soups and fun finger food.


Having won fame by surfing all around the Web, avocado has come into port at last in a series of on-trend eateries dedicated entirely to the superfood.





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