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Selfie with Autumn foliage.

An on-trend idea for the most uncool season.

Autumn is perhaps the least popular season of all.

It comes back regularly every year like the other three, but its mood has always made it a niche season.

It lacks the whiteness and contrasts of Winter, when the warmth of the holidays makes up for freezing the temperatures. Autumn can’t boast the upbeat music and sense of freedom we feel in Summer, when long days and warm sunshine cancel out all our worries.   And it doesn’t offer the unbridled feelings of joy and rebirth that Spring exudes.


Even the poets and writers who sing its praises can’t boost its popularity, but when Emily Dickinson writes “The maple wears a gayer scarf – The field a scarlet gown – Lest I should be old fashioned I’ll put a trinket on” she expresses her delight in seeing its colours.


Autumn is a half-way season, when the weather can be warm but not hot, cool but not freezing cold.

Yet in this season of change and transformation, also for the skin that needs to be purified, rehydrated, exfoliated after the summer sun.


Daily cleansing of the face, morning and evening, will be very important, to which you can add an exfoliating scrub based on natural ingredients. You can have fun mixing a teaspoon of essential transforming cream with two raw cane sugar, creating a beauty routine that can regenerate and moisturize the skin, stimulating cell renewal for the new season.


More than in any other season, in Autumn nature reveals all its potential for beauty, colour and evocative atmospheres.


Deep reds, amber yellows and warming hues unique to the season make colour Autumn’s greatest strength.

While it remains a niche season, even Autumn has brought us a great little trend that’s become increasingly popular in recent years.

It’s all about foliage: a passion for leaves, without a trace of irony.

For years now across the Atlantic, this quiet yet devoted branch of tourism has been inspiring thousands of people to take to the forests and wooded plains every September and October to photograph the changing leaves.


It’s a conscious and enchanting form of travel which in recent times has seen tourists armed with cameras flock to Italy’s new foliage hotspots. From city parks and nature reserves to the countryside and Alpine woods.


But the top destination of all is Piedmont with two perfect locations: Oasi Zegna, near Biella, and Ossola-Vigezzo. Here the famous Vigezzina railway which runs from Domodossola to Locarno has been rechristened the “foliage train”.


This small train takes a charming route through forests ablaze with unique colours: perfect for sharing on social media with the hashtag #nofilter.


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